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At this time the membership registry is only for active New Catholic Clergy. If you are applying to the NCO do not register here before instructed to do so Request an application thru our email

Visitors, Laity and applicants are invited to use all public areas.

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New Catholic Order


Welcome home.

Official site for New Catholics to grow together.  This is were love and acceptance are the daily norm. All who are looking to live their Catholic faith are invited to seek out and join with our clergy.  This community section is a safe place for all Catholics and all considering on being a New Catholic  to connect, interact and create a spiritual place. Make friends and interact with others to practice our faith and learn from each other.

The New Catholic Order bringing the love of God through the teachings of Jesus Christ to the people of the world.  In the New Catholic Order you can renew your faith in God, in Christ, and in the Church. Here all are welcome and no one is an outcast.

This is what you've been looking for, a place where you can live a life full of purpose and inspiration.

Our Website is our church community & more. It's a place to learn, get the latest info and connect with members.

The NCO and its affiliated jurisdictions are not under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church and are therefore not subject to the rules and regulations that are established by the Roman Catholic Church.

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